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CLAMP Bishoujo Awards

An icon challenge for CLAMP girls

CLAMP Bishoujo
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Welcome to clamp_bishoujo, an icon challenge community for all CLAMP girls ! because they're so pretty and lovely !!
01. Your icon must feature a girl by CLAMP
02. You may submit two (2) icons per challenge.
03. Your icon must meet LiveJournal size requirements (at most 100x100 pixels and 40K filesize).
04. Your icon must have been specifically made for the challenge. No reusing of older icons is allowed.
05. Submission format is as follows:

Character/Series: Tooru & Saya // X
Credits: (This field is optional)
Submit your icon in a comment to the submissions post by the deadline. Your comment will be screened so that only you and I can see it, preventing people from voting on the icon based on who made it. If you want to change your icon you may do so by posting it in a new comment to the submissions post as long as you do it before the deadline.
06. If no specific image is specified for the challenge you may use images from either the manga or the anime. However, do not use fanart or doujinshi -- official images only please.
07. When voting please vote in order like so:
First Place - icon #2
Second Place - icon #3
Third Place - icon #1
There will also be a moderator's choice category which only I will vote on. Sometimes there will also be a special category, depending on how many submissions are received. When voting for the special category please put the number of that icon last (after the third place one). You may not vote for the same icon twice.
08. Do not vote for yourself or solicit votes from others.
09. Do not post your icon anywhere or use it anywhere until after the voting for that week has concluded.
10. Do not take other people's icons without asking them first. If you're not sure who made an icon, ask me.
11. Animated icons are allowed !
12. Shoujo-ai is allowed on icons, but no hentai. (Miyuki-chan icons are allowed though).
13. Genderless characters (Ashura, Nataku, Ruby Moon, etc) are allowed, as long as they are human(oid)-looking, unless otherwise stated.
silma, feuille_verte

Banner Makers: (Banner-maker Schedule)
1. silma // sakuramaboroshi
2. obakehoshi

Want to join the crew? Just comment in the latest Winners post with an example fo your work. :)

Back-up Banner Makers:
Seeing as memories sometimes aren't available, we made a list for the submissions, winners, for each week. But seeing as how the community 's been running for a while already, we moved the list to it's own post. :)) You can check it out here.

#1. catastrophiel (Week 9 - Week 12)
#2. plafulmispeling (Week 15 - Week 18)
#3. wicked_enough (Week 57 - 59)
#4. blackrose_023 (Week 76 - 78)

Members of the Hall of Fame are required not to submit for the 3 weeks after they have been placed here, to give other members a chance to place, and have a rotation of winners that won't discourage other members from submitting. We'll be happy to recieve your icons after this period is over. XD You will also get a special banner to commemorate your entrance here. XD
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If you're interested, please let me know in a comment to this post.